A request from a friend caused Deirdré Brüssow, a qualified Communications Therapist, to start getting involved in soft furnishings, and the concern called El Jireh was founded some years ago. Deirdré has been dealing with curtaining, quilting and upholstery ever since. In May 2002 Caxton Magazines approached her to present courses on upholstery in Pretoria. These were so successful, and the demand by students attending the courses so great, that it was decided to produce a video that includes all the elements present in her basic upholstery courses.

Since then, Deirdré has been closely involved with the HomeMakers Expo’s, talking about her craft at the demo area’s with experts like David Viljoen (landscaping), Paul Fouché (paint techniques) and Jo van niekerk (colour & interior). She has also been active on Kyknet’s program, Dekor, and worked with Jenna Clifford on table ware.

The name of her concern, El Jireh, is a Hebrew word. It is the name that Abraham called God by, when he told Isaac not to fear, for God will provide the perfect sacrifice. Deirdré has experienced this truth throughout every day in her concern. God has indeed provided in abundance and richness!!


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